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hope you find it interesting

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Welcome to my page.

There is a number of projects I'm working on that you may find interesting. You are always welcome to clone them and ask for merging your contributions.


This one is a little page that uses the html5 file api and the new canvas tag to apply a number (growing) of effects to images.

Check it out here

Sockets chat

This project is a chat server in Node.js. It features rooms, private chats and more. And all instantly thanks to!

Check it out here

London bus coming

A simple PHP library with a CLI wrapper that fetches the remaining time for buses to arrive to the Bus stop you specify. It uses the information from website.

Check it out here


Shoot-em up game developed in Python using the PyGame library. It's still in an early stage of development, hence only one level is playable.

Check it out here

Support or Contact

Having trouble with any of the projects? Send me a message on Github